'White Bred' "777 Flocka Doves" FlyFit Longsleeve

'White Bred' "777 Flocka Doves" FlyFit Longsleeve

Athlete Collection
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'White Bred' "777 Flocka Doves" FlyFit Longsleeve

'White Bred' "777 Flocka Doves" FlyFit Longsleeve

Athlete Collection
Sale price $48 Regular price $80 40% Off
Regular price $48
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The AG2G Athlete™ LongSleeve is a tool to use your God given athletic abilities in order to publicly praise & glorify The Lord and Christ.

Behind The Design:

We chose the name “Flocka Doves” because each side of the tee consist of a flock of 7 doves. The number 7 is a number of completion in the holy scriptures. The Flocka Doves on the Front of the tee is like a necklace, following the flow of the neck line. Featuring our BackBoard Logo System on the back of the tee; we named it “BackBoard” because it’s a billboard on your back. The transparency on the Red Bottom Athlete Hangtag represents being transparent with The Father and The Son, to let go and not hide your sins; transparency represents accepting we’ve sinned, believing in The Father & Son, repenting, asking for grace, & confessing. 


Red Bottom Athlete Hangtag:

•Extremely Flexible/Durable/Stretchy
•Scratch/Crease Proof
•Waterproof/Machine Washable/Dryable 
•Extremely Heat/Freeze Resistant   
•Frosted Transparent Cursive “All Glory 2 God” branding & bottom border (So you could see the color of the fabric of the bottoms you are wearing)




All Glory 2 God™ Apparel are: Unisex Sizing, Adult Size, & Retail Fit. Pre-washed. Printed in-house by All Glory 2 God™ Printing in San Diego, CA / Charlotte, NC. 

Non-Cracking Logos: Designed to flex and rebound on high stretch fabrics and compression apparel. Soft feel. 


  • High Density Emulsion Printed AG2G™ Original Logo & #AG2Gathlete™ Logo.
  • 100% Premium Polyester Jersey Knit Fabric.
  • Breathable, Comfortable, & Lightweight Dynamic Fit.
  • Moisture Absorbing & Expelling Technology with Antimicrobial Properties.
  • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hems for Durability.


Size & Fit

Fitment: True to Size, Unisex Sizing, Adult Size, Pre-washed, Versatile.


Care Instructions

For Best Care:

1.) Turn Garment Inside Out

2.) Wash on Gentle/Delicate Setting, Cold Temperature, & Low Spin Speed 

3.) Hangdry / Airdry / or Dry on Low Heat in Dryer, Slow Spin Speed


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