Black "Iced Out Flocka Doves" FlyFleece Flared Pants

Black "Iced Out Flocka Doves" FlyFleece Flared Pants

(Limited Edition) Designer Collection
Sale price $88 Regular price $180 51% Off
Regular price $88
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Black "Iced Out Flocka Doves" FlyFleece Flared Pants

Black "Iced Out Flocka Doves" FlyFleece Flared Pants

(Limited Edition) Designer Collection
Sale price $88 Regular price $180 51% Off
Regular price $88
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Size(s) that don’t say (Preorder) will be shipped within 3-5 business days. When you order any sizes that do say (Preorder), your entire order will be fulfilled / shipped with USPS tracking by December 30. You’ll receive constant updates on your order status through text & email. We’ve been selling out so fast and still want you to be able to get in line for yours. Thank you for your support! Love y’all.

The Devil Don’t Want You To Shine. So We Gon’ Get Fly For The Most High! 

All Glory To God is a Lifestyle. Apparel where God, Designer Streetwear, & Sportswear culture come together so you can boldly praise God (The LORD & Christ) in public.

Behind The Design:

Colorway: Black / White 

 Featuring Premium Laser Cut Rhinestones & White 3D Puff Cloud Print.  100% Premium Cotton (Airlumed Combed & Ringspun), 0% Polyester FlyFleece for Full Breathability & Performance. 

  • We chose the name "Flocka Doves" because each side of the hoodie consist of a flock of 7 doves. In Scripture, 7 often symbolizes completion or perfection. God created the heavens and the Earth in 6 days, and, upon completion, God rested on the 7th day (Genesis 1; 2:1-2).
  • Featuring an Old English "A" for KJV bible vibes coupled with our Graffiti Prayer Hand Logo branding. "A" stands for All Glory To God.
  • The Flocka Doves on the front of the hoodie is like a necklace, elegantly & freely following the flow of the neck line.
  • Featuring our BackBoard Logo System on the back of the hoodie; we named it "BackBoard" because it’s a billboard message on your back.

Featuring The "Frosted Athlete Hangtag":

  • Frosted Transparent Frame (So you could see the color of the fabric of the bottoms you are wearing)
  • Philippians 4:13 Bible Verse
  • Extremely Flexible/Durable/Stretchy
  • Scratch/Crease Proof
  • Waterproof/Machine Washable/Dryable on Medium Heat
  • Heat/Freeze Resistant
  • White Cursive “All Glory 2 God” branding & bottom border


Custom “Dove Feather” AG2G Airbag 

  • Transparent airbag containing feathers 
  • Double sided design featuring our Graffiti Prayer Hand Logo on one side & our “All Glory 2 God” signature on the other
  • Airbag connected to the pants using single belt loop on the left side of the waistband

Silky Satin High Density Authentic Neck Tag

•”All Glory To God is a Lifestyle” on the Backside

Fitment: True to Size, Unisex Sizing, Adult Size, Pre-washed, Versatile 

Wash/Dry Instructions: 

Handwash or Dry Clean or Wash on Delicate/Gentle, Cold Water, Slow Speed. Do not Mix with other Laundry in Load. 

Rhinestones require Hang-dry / Airdry. DO NOT Dry in Dryer. 

100% Cotton. Model is 6'0 165lbs wearing size Large.


Size & Fit

Fitment: True to Size, Unisex Sizing, Adult Size, Pre-washed, Versatile.


Care Instructions

For Best Care:

1.) Turn Garment Inside Out

2.) Wash on Gentle/Delicate Setting, Cold Temperature, & Low Spin Speed 

3.) Hangdry / Airdry / or Dry on Low Heat in Dryer, Slow Spin Speed


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Let Your Faith Shine On & Off the Field. With All Glory To God You can Flex the Power of God / Christ in Front of Everybody like a Billboard. A Guaranteed Timeless Message that will Last Forever.
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The Devil don't want You to Shine. So We gon' get Fly for The Most High. There ain't a lotta God brands out there that's gon' get you as Fly as we do. More Godfidence, More Compliments.
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Be an Athlete who Stands Out with God through your Lifestyle & Clothing. Not only does God Inspire You, but He can use You to Inspire People Everywhere You Go. You Gon’ Be a Walking Blessin’. It’s only clothes until God works through You wearing it.