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'Bred' Designer "Flocka Doves" Tee

'Bred' Designer "Flocka Doves" Tee

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Colorway: Black / Red

Model is 6’2 165 lbs wearing a size L @Keyon_Holiday He is true to Size M however sized up to size L for oversized aesthetic. Size up one size from your true size to achieve oversized aesthetic like this. 

Behind The Design:

We chose the name “Flocka Doves” because each side of the tee consist of a flock of 7 doves. The number 7 is a number of completion in the holy scriptures. Featuring an Old English “A” for KJV bible vibes coupled with our Graffiti Prayer Hand Logo branding. “A” stands for All Glory To God / All Praise To The Most High / Alpha & Omega / Ahlahayam: (Elohiym or God or Power). The Flocka Doves on the Front of the tee is like a necklace, following the flow of the neck line. Featuring our BackBoard Logo System on the back of the tee; we named it “BackBoard” because it’s a billboard on your back. The transparency on the Red Bottom Athlete Hangtag represents being transparent with The Father and The Son, to let go and not hide your sins; transparency represents accepting we’ve sinned, believing in The Father & Son, repenting, asking for grace, & confessing our faith. Also, the doves represent grace to Noah after The Lord flooded the earth (Genesis 8:6-12) & the Holy Spirit when Christ got baptized (Matthew 10:16).


Red Bottom Athlete Hangtag:

•Extremely Flexible/Durable/Stretchy
•Scratch/Crease Proof
•Waterproof/Machine Washable/Dryable 
•Extremely Heat/Freeze Resistant   
•Frosted Transparent Cursive “All Glory 2 God” branding & bottom border (So you could see the color of the fabric of the bottoms you are wearing)
• Philippians 4:13

All Glory 2 God™ Apparel are: Unisex Sizing, Adult Size, & Retail Fit. Pre-washed. Printed in-house by All Glory 2 God™ Printing in San Diego, CA / Charlotte, NC. 

Versatile tee to dress up, dress down, work out, or lay around. You could wear it as an undershirt or wear it out. 

Non-Cracking Logos: Designed to flex and rebound on high stretch fabrics and compression apparel. Soft feel.



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